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About Hospitality Business Development

Hospitality Business Development is the foundation that provides owners, investors and developers with the tools to build, or acquire, and run successful, sustainable hotels and restaurants. This foundation stands for simplicity, flexibility, openness, intelligence and expertise; transparency and trust are our core principles.

And this foundation brings to an end the custom of hidden long term percentage fees and the ‘culture’ of traditional consultancy approaches.

No more frustration of paying for the top man, but getting the help of a university graduate. Working with Hospitality Business Development, our clients will always know that they are making well informed decisions, which minimize business risk and optimize profit potential.

Our goal is to create increased value for you and to give you a substantial return on your investment in us, as well as your investment in your hotel or restaurant.

We believe that owners and investors have the right to remain in control of their capital and we offer a simple and open way for clients to surround themselves with the best expertise required to address the true challenges of today’s hospitality business development landscape.

From speaking to Investors, Developers and Owners across Europe we know their frustration at having few alternatives and poor advice. This is a new way of thinking for a new generation of hotel and restaurant developers and investors.