Hotel Audit can be a life saving operation!

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A hotel audit can focus on different aspects of activity. These include operational delivery, finance, marketing and the supply chain. An audit is not just for an independent hotel feeling market pressures. It is also relevant to a hotel ticking along quite nicely.

The hospitality market is fickle. Consumers change tastes like they change shirts. So even when the business is running smoothly and profits are in line with expectation, a second opinion can be crucial. In this positive scenario, the key features are benchmarking and market research.

It is very easy to get wrapped up in our own world when times are good. Our focus is inward, on the small details that are so important in our success. This is understandable. But it is just as important to keep looking outwards at the bigger market picture.

External experts, who are up to speed on trends and market developments, can provide this perspective. In a hotel audit, they can deliver market insights which keep a business a step ahead of its competition. To use a sporting analogy, it’s great being top of the league table. But there is only one direction for the unprepared! And we all have challenging competitors waiting to unseat us.

Market insight is also important for the independent hotel, or small chain, which has lost its ‘top spot’. Perhaps it is struggling to recover profits and market share?

This hotel audit will address the three key drivers for success.  Are we getting enough of the prime target market through the door? Is our delivery effective and efficient enough to maximise our profit? Do we increment our basic profit through the intelligent up selling of additional, targeted, products or services?

‘I can’t see the wood for the trees!’ A familiar cry when times are tough and we’re not sure which steps to take next. Some friendly and expert intervention, in the shape of an appropriate hotel audit may be just what’s required.

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