"With the right business model, objectives and ethos, fabulous returns on investment can be delivered to you."

Are you a Hotel Owner or Investor?

You may be a Hotel Owner or Investor (as a private individual or in a consortium at arms-length; or as a lender). Whichever, you must have felt the buzz of excitement that comes with being associated to such a vibrant asset, with its transient population of customers, all looking for that special hospitality experience, whatever their reason for being there.

It takes a special team of people to deliver that customer experience, time after time, and nowadays, social media and specialist travel websites provide an easy way to for your Independent Hotel or your Chain, to have its failings broadcast and to have its satisfaction ratings fall.

This one simple performance statistic is proven to have a direct effect on Hotel valuations, and with a financial stake in the business, you are looking for strong, sustainable growth to deliver the expected ROI (or better!) not to be firefighting backsliding public opinion and a failing business model.

There is complexity to delivering a profitable Hotel, with the demands of optimising different profit and cost centres within the one unit whilst sustaining customer delight.

However, with the right business model, developed out of the four Key Hotel Success Criteria, and properly trained operators all bought in to the KPIs and the overall Hotel objectives and ethos, fabulous returns on investment can be delivered to you.

So what are those Criteria?

  • Understanding and optimising all the development milestones – even if the Hotel is already operating
  • Revenue and Demand Management
  • Very Happy Customers and Employees
  • Maximising Operational Leverage

Everyone has excuses for the Hotel’s poor financial performance. Management blame the economy; Management operators blame remote owners and investors; Staff blame the Management for conflicting objectives; Customers blame the Staff and so it goes on.

Our company, Hospitality Business Development, is a platform that provides the risk takers – owners, investors and developers, with the tools to build and run sustainable, successful Hotels and Restaurants directly, through your own management team, or through a Management Operator, if that is your chosen route.

Would you like to know more?

Download our latest White Paper entitled “Why Return on Hotel Investment Can Significantly Underperform” or contact me, Lucienne Mosquera (Managing Director) for an informal conversation about your Investment.