"We will help you to avoid all the common reasons for Hotel failure"

Buying or Investing in a New Hotel

Buying or investing in a new Hotel, or operating an independent Hotel or a small chain, can present a host of challenges in today’s fiercely competitive and demanding market. Not least of the challenges is optimising profits, whilst delivering a sustainable and consistently outstanding experience for a wide range of guests with differing requirements.

This is one of the main considerations for investors considering buying or investing in a new hotel development. Not that many hotels achieve that operating objective – many more have the potential, but fail to realise it!

Profitable hotels know how to create success and at HBD we work with hotel owners and investors to develop successful, sustainable and profitable businesses. We help investors to mitigate the risk of loss, while developing and implementing plans for long term profit probability and increasing asset valuation.


By helping you create a differentiated market position, attractive to your core target markets, and helping you to deliver a unique, outstanding and compelling experience for each customers.

Our no-nonsense expertise can help to: –

  • Guide you throughout the investment’s life cycles
  1. Acquisition – Repositioning – Stabilisation – Refinancing – Exit
  2. Planning & Development – Construction – Pre-opening – Ramp up – Long term Maintenance & Capital Expenditure – Renovation
  • Align your investor objectives with the Operators and the team on the ground, ensuring that all stakeholders are happy
  • Create a viable strategic plan which has key success and risk factors catered for and which has been agreed by you and the Operators, BEFORE financial commitment
  • Minimise financial exposure and risk
  • Deliver satisfied on-target customers
  • Support management in areas that are challenge, or are beyond, their skillset

We will also help you to avoid common reasons for failure. These include: –

  • Not having the right stakeholders involved
  • Being ‘burned’ by market cycles – e.g. buying high, selling low
  • Not understanding the location and the factors that could cause it, and your investment, to weaken
  • Poor capital and liquidity assumptions
  • Over leveraging
  • Significant cost overruns
  • Inefficient operational process
  • Unable to keep up with competition

At HBD, we see buying or investing in a new Hotel as a collaborative process, that connects your vision and investment goals with our experience and industry expertise.

HBD works with the owners and investors of independent hotels across Europe, especially in the UK. Without commitment, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your venture in more detail.

Would you like to know more?

Download our latest White Paper entitled “Why Return on Hotel Investment Can Significantly Underperform” or contact me, Lucienne Mosquera (Managing Director) for an informal conversation about your Investment.