"The opportunity for growth in the independent hotel sector has never been greater"

Sustainable Hotel Business Growth

One big issue plagues countless independent hotels: ‘How do we achieve sustainable hotel business growth in a market dominated by global hotel chains?’

Well, the opportunities for sustainable hotel business growth, in the independent sector, have never been greater. Customers are looking for original ‘one-off’ experiences that they cannot get in standard chain hotels.

The business model for creating a viable and sustainable hotel is not complicated, despite the multi-layered functions operating within each location. There is a standard framework, that can, and should, be applied to every establishment.

While hotel owners and investors do need to work hard to create an exciting differentiated offering for their target groups of diners, the business model itself is not, and should not, be affected by the market positioning of the hotel.

But beware, if you have come up with solutions to grow the business and it is not working immediately, don’t spend too long trying to fix it.


We live in a fast-paced world: –

  • Trends change
  • Markets change
  • Competitors change
  • Customers change
  • Technologies change

If occupancy levels, F&B revenue and other income generating activity have flat lined, we have already waited too long!

At the very heart of HBD is the desire to help owners and investors minimize exposure and maximize sustainable hotel business growth, generating optimum return on investment.

Without commitment, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the business model in more detail, and talk about ways to significantly grow your business.

Would you like to know more?

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