"Delivering a fabulous dining experience that starts before your Clientele even enter the premises."

Are you an owner or investor in a Restaurant?

Are you an owner or investor in a restaurant (maybe as a private individual or as part of an arms-length consortium of business people or celebrities?) You may be the Owner Manager / Chef; a Financial Institution lending to the venture, or a financial adviser with Clients in this branch of the Hospitality Industry.

Whichever; you will surely have been drawn to the energy created in a busy, thriving restaurant, as day after day, new diners arrive and those oh-so crucial regulars return, drawn by a fabulous dining experience that starts before they even enter the premises.

It takes a special team of people to deliver that dining experience, time after time, and nowadays, social media and specialist hospitality websites provide an easy way to for your Independent Restaurant, or your Chain, to have its failings broadcast and to have its satisfaction ratings fall.

We’ve all seen brand new Restaurants open in a blaze of publicity and struggled to get a reservation as everyone wants to sample the experience. But we’ve also seen those same establishments struggle to sustain that initial surge and deliver a sustainable, profitable business venture.

There is complexity to delivering a profitable Restaurant, with the demands of optimising different profit and cost centres within the one unit whilst sustaining customer delight and being one step ahead of fast moving changes in consumer trends.

However, with the right business model, developed out of six Key Restaurant Critical Success Factors, using properly trained Staff, in business management as well as front and back of house, fabulous returns on investment can be delivered to you.

So what are those criteria?

  • Quantify the additional revenues required to make the business profitable
  • Analyse and assess whether this is attainable
  • Focus on consistently exceeding customer expectations
  • Strategize how to drive up revenues
  • Minimise fixed costs
  • Keep variable operating costs within tightly controlled targets

Everyone has excuses for a Restaurant’s poor financial performance. Management blame the economy; Staff blame owners who are too remote or too hands-on; Front of house blames back of house; Chef blames everyone; Customers blame the Staff and so it goes on.

Our company, Hospitality Business Development, is a platform that provides the risk takers – owners, investors and developers, with the tools to build and run sustainable, successful Hotels and Restaurants directly, through your own management team, or through a Management Operator, if that is your chosen route.

Would you like to know more?

Download our latest White Paper entitled “Why Return on Hotel Investment Can Significantly Underperform” or contact me, Lucienne Mosquera (Managing Director) for an informal conversation about your Investment.