"Developing Restaurants into true revenue generators, ensuring more than healthy operating profits."

Maximising Restaurant Profitability

The hospitality sector can be very unforgiving when it comes to maximising restaurant profitability or just achieving bottom line profits.

Many restaurants live on razor-thin margins and make a pre-tax profit of below 10%, giving very little ‘wriggle-room’ in highly competitive and cyclical markets.

It is easy for owners to get caught up in day to day operational tasks and experience tells us that the financial management of the restaurant does not always receive the attention that it requires.

But even if the management has strong financial skills and good procedures in place, this cannot solve the problems that will arise from inadequate sales!

Many of a restaurant’s fixed expenses cannot be brought into line as a reasonable percentage of sales, if gross revenues are too low.

So How Can Hospitality Business Development Help with maximising Restaurant profitability?

  • Quantify the additional revenues required to make the business profitable
  • Analyse and assess whether this is attainable
  • Focus on cost control
  • Strategise how to drive up revenues
  • Minimise fixed costs
  • Keep variable operating costs within tightly controlled targets

Using our techniques restaurants can develop into true revenue generators, ensuring more than healthy operating profits.

Without commitment, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss restaurant profitability in more detail and talk about how maintain revenues.

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