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New Concept Development for a Restaurant

The choice of a new concept development for a restaurant is a very personal one, which may initially be influenced by the market opportunity which encouraged the new venture, or which may be a reflection of the investor, the owner or the chef.

But the design can also have an impact on the overall profitability, as design deficiencies will affect the operation of the restaurant and ultimately have a negative impact on the bottom line and the asset value.

This is particularly important when a restaurant chooses to refresh its concept, as all successful establishments need to, after a period of time.

With HBD, new concept development for a restaurant is a collective process that connects your vision with our experience and industry expertise.

Together, we can consider: –

  • A scalable concept for growth or a single-unit operation
  • Your plans and objectives
  • Conceptual
  • Operational
  • Financial
  • Strategic
  • The latest trends and market opportunities
  • Developing your brand’s unique, competitive edge
  • Brand positioning
  • Target diner connection and communication
  • A viable and sustainable business model

Without commitment, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss a new concept development for a restaurant with you, in more detail, and talk about how concept development can drive resounding success.

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