"Focus on profit making and take your business to places you never thought possible!"

Recovering Restaurant Profits and Market Share

Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver’s experiences have shown that even celebrity chefs can struggle to turn hospitality success into positive cash flow! Few entrepreneurs are masters of all aspects in their business and at times, the tendency to concentrate on what you’re good at may leave important aspects of the business lacking attention such that we need to plan for recovering restaurant profits and market share .

You can access HBD’s flexible, 2-Step solution to focus on profit making and take the business to places you never thought possible!

Step 1 – Development of a realistic strategic plan

It is hard to accomplish anything without an effective and simple plan, which the management team will be able to implement. With the owners and management, as appropriate, we will consider: –

  • realistic business objectives
  • critical success factors
  • strengths, weakness, opportunities and risks
  • market positioning
  • target diner profiles
  • online and offline marketing

You will get a flexible and effective step-by-step plan that allows for potential risks and hurdles on the way to sustainable success and profit.

Step 2 – Streamlining of Standards

  • We will identify the additional tools required, to put this strong business foundation into place
  • We will support your ongoing evolution of a product and service mix that will be consistently in tune with your customers
  • We will support you in the implementation of the plan, as required

Without commitment, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss recovering restaurant profits and market share, in more detail and ways to recover the value of your business.

Would you like to know more?

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