"It takes a very special team of skilled people that can work, consistently and in cohesion, towards a common goal"

Restaurant Management Training and Development

Today’s bright new restaurant brands strive to recruit talented senior management teams in the hope that they will deliver rapid growth. And, armed with plenty of passion and the right capital commitment from investors, these ‘disruptors’ to the major chains can sometimes deliver unprecedented profit growth. But in heady times it’s easy to overlook the importance of Restaurant Management Training and Development as a means of staying ahead in the sector.

Because research reveals, that even during this early period of successful growth, the team atmosphere can degrade from collaborative and optimistic to territorial and emotionally charged – leading to conflict, poor decision making and a serious slowdown in business performance.

Driven by competing objectives within the strategic plan, which are performance and reward orientated for senior executives, we see competent individuals collide egos and intellect, with disastrous consequences to the business.

Whole team alignment, from investors to junior staff, can only be achieved if this problem is addressed, but unfortunately, it is where most hotels and restaurants currently fail.

To resolve the situation, frank conversations amongst owners, boards and senior leadership should identify the core issues at play:

  • Flawed strategic objectives
  • Poor or distant leadership
  • Capable but inexperienced leaders and managers
  • Lack of role allotment
  • High management turnover
  • Lack of skilled management

It takes a very special team of skilled people that can work, consistently and in cohesion, towards a common goal.  Stakeholders need to be self-aware, humble, transparent and empathetic.

A robust strategic business plan alone is not enough to drive profit. It must be balanced and supported by well-defined leadership behaviour and a well-trained and cohesive team.

At Hospitality Business Development Ltd our team development professionals have been working with hotels and restaurants for many years and we provide the following Restaurant Management training and development opportunities:

  • Developing high performance teams – Tailor made training designed to equip your leadership team with the ability to develop a happy, coherent and customer focused team. The benefits of this training are significant and amongst other advantages it will reduce staff turnover and improve consistency of service.
  • Linking leadership to the bottom line – 2-day workshop aimed at owners, CEO’s and those in senior leadership positions. The course links leadership and team behaviour to the strategic plan and the drive to improve profit.
  • Short & Sharp Workshops – We organise effective half or full day workshops as and when needs are identified by our clients. Examples of our workshops:
  • Effective recruitment
  • Talent Management
  • Leadership Style
  • Managing Performance with Feedback and Coaching
  • Behavioural Strategies

At Hospitality Business Development, we see the on-going development of your team as a collaborative process, which connects your vision and goals with our experience and industry expertise. Without commitment, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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